I’m a 26 year old almost native of Minnesota who likes rock climbing, working out, skateboarding, and learning other languages, but my passion is art.  I enjoy furniture design, wooden landscape sculpture, and acrylics, but my core style involves fine colored pencil drawings of surrealistic vistas, mechanisms and melanges.  People have called my drawings weird, Daliesque, inspired, aberrant, disruptive-and they’re all right.  I’ve been struggling my whole life to achieve success in a variety of fields where I lack inspiration and skill, resulting in many years of frustration and angst.   In my early 20s I realized that my passion for art could be the vocation I was searching for and I enrolled in the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  I still struggle with my perceived failings and inadequacies, but recent commercial success in selling my work coupled with the selection by the StPaul Art Crawl jury of my drawing “The Devil Feasts on Flies” to grace the cover of their 2019 program catalogue has given me a real mental and professional boost.  

“Art gives me something to look forward to day or night. Working on an intricate drawing for hours at a time-which go by like minutes-puts me at peace.  The only thing better than completing one of my otherworldly scenarios is starting with a fresh piece of paper on the next.”